Modern | Wood | Light | Brick | Pattern Tiles | Metal frame work | Woven lights

Nando’s Traralgon

21 Post Office Pl, Traralgon

A very small, linear & compact restaurant in Traralgon has been reworked into a pastel coloured beautifully balanced almost New Africa graphic result.

The overall burgundy, blue and salmon palette is enhanced by Brass pops of colour in the various screen dividing elements and a rustic beautifully crafted timber vertical wall creates an intimate, tactile and inviting feel as you enter the restaurant.

For budget reasons in the linear restaurant plan, the long existing rear brick walls were  left and painted white and  adorned with artwork.

A long linear banquette locates this brick wall and the fabric is a mixture of the overall palette, black and white checked, burgundy & blues.

Pendant light fittings were secured from ‘bludot’ design and tie in very in very sympathetically into the overall design.

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