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McDonald’s Byford

Thomas Rd &, Kardan Blvd, Byford

“In a world where everyone is shouting louder and louder, now it’s time to be quiet and let the food and services do the talking.

Ray is an exercise in being “quiet”, a place of respite from the noisy lives we live, a bubble of calm and “happy”.

The design intention is to hero the food, the service and the people who come to enjoy it; to create a “recognisable neutrality” that allows this to happen.”

Project Ray Design Concept and Detailed Design Guidelines: Landini Associates

Design Implementation for McDonalds Riverdale: Zone Design

Features are the light timber panels and concrete panels, terrazzo tile, straw pendant lights and tan coloured vinyl chairs with pops of red accent, which all come together to form a beautifully neutral palette which reinforces the overall intent.

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