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Jellis Craig Northcote Office

427/431 High St, Northcote

Jellis Craig Head Office Northcote

Clients wish list was for an elevated personal experience that’s relevant for today’s clients.

The office space needs to be designed was easy mind;  it is a destination which feels inviting;  has open staff and client interaction informal zones;  is contemporary and distinctive in feel.

The conceptual departure point was to leave the existing envelope of exposed ductwork and piping; concrete ceiling and floor slabs and exposed services, and paint this envelope a neutral grey white.

Floor to be polished concrete with a conversation piece front counter formed on site in concrete, this juxtaposed against accent colour pops of red, salmon and dark blue.

Steel screens define areas as opposed to walls and set up a transient geometry as one journeys through the various offices zones.

Outcome was a very happy client and Zone thanks them for their positive collaboration throughout the project.

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