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Modern | Wood | Brick | Recycled | Industrial | Metal frame work | Concrete

Guzman Y Gomez Bethania

Fletcher Road & Logan River Road, Bethania QLD

GYG stands for all things authentic, from its food, culture, the restaurant design and the customer experience.

Alongside the C, the GYG urban influence comes straight from the street; rusted, rough , industrial elements

Authentic materials are use in the palette with  real brick facings, real timbers, real finishes and a high level of sustainability. These materials reflect the overarching concept & aesthetic of the GYG brand.

Finishes are distressed, textured, layered & imperfect

These finishes together with screening elements and artificial planting ensure a warm and inviting space.

Emphasis to the front counter as a tactile and hero piece activate the customers journey into the restaurant.

The look and feel should ooze soul, urban influences and the streets of Mexico.

In the final analysis, a job well done, cohesively structured by the GYG in house team.

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