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Zone Bowling

New concept for the TEEG group has resulted in a contemporary palette for a bowling venue using natural timbers, cement finishes, recycled brickwork, greenery, perforated steel mesh and the brand colour primary colour palette of charcoals, yellows and reds.

The result culminates in a fun, dynamic,  energetic and contemporary bowling interior that activates the space and encourages a wide demographic to cross the threshold and partake in the many varied gaming activities.

Lighting plays a large part with a skygrid design leading the customer through the area to the various zone activities.

Feature bulkheads in plywood, steel mesh, red aluminium etc. further identify the main activity areas like bowling, laser, Bumper cars and draw the customer to them on an exciting journey of discovery as they are easily viewed on arrival.

The design has been well considered so that it does not compete with the game products on display but rather compliments them and allows the customer to move through the space and actively and eagerly participate  in the different activities.

A very successful outcome and well-liked by the International TEEG team.

Locations include:

  • Forest Hill, VIC
  • Clayton, VIC
  • Villawood, NSW
  • Garden City, QLD

Project Features:

  • Contemporary Entertainment At Its Best
  • Directional Skygrid Lighting Element
  • Restrained Yet Contemporary Palette Giving Equal Standing to the Games Component


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